Pakistan ISI: Doctors protest against spy agency over beatin

Authorities in Pakistan's Bajaur tribal region have promised action against military personnel who detained and beat a doctor, sparking protests.

Medics went on strike and the military was criticised after Dr Abdul Hameed was held for several hours on Saturday.

Protesters accused the army and its Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency of "state hooliganism".

Campaigners say tens of thousands of tribal residents have been killed or disappeared during years of conflict.

'Are you murderers?'

Doctors in Bajaur called off their strike on Monday after the military made concessions. Protesters had threatened to extend it to other parts of the country.

The concessions include exempting doctors from being stopped at military checkpoints in tribal areas. The army authorities also promised to curb the number of soldiers allowed to seek medical treatment at civilian hospitals, a constant source of complaint from locals.

Pressure on the military had been building since Saturday's incident.

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